The new SOMATOM Perspective is the first high-end CT scanner that addresses the requirements of modern healthcare without compromising clinical results. The business class CT scanner is loaded with innovative technologies designed to manage the performance while The expanding the clinical portfolio – with added comfort and ease.

CT Cardio-Vascular Engine:

CT Cardio-Vascular Engine provides advanced scanning options together with disease oriented workflows. Both together allow for speed in routine examinations while at the same time offering powerful functions and ease of use for complex cases.

Fast rotation time of 0.48 s per rotation delivers high temporal resolution and fast volume coverage. In combination with iTRIM a temporal resolution as low as 195 ms is achieved - to freeze motion and to minimize the occurrence of motion artifacts (e.g. cardiac motion).


The Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) enhances spatial resolution, reduces image noise and increases sharpness by introducing multiple iteration steps in the reconstruction process. The resulting superior image quality enables to reduce dose by up to 60%.

Syngo CT Dual Energy Calculi:

Syngo.CT DE Calculi Characterization allows to visualize chemical differences in kidney stones. The Kidney Stone Navigator makes it easy to navigate through the potential stones. syngo.CT DE CalculiCharacterization enables the evaluation Dual Source Dual Energy, Dual Spiral Dual Energy and Twin Beam Dual Energy data.

Syngo CT DE Gout:

Syngo.CT DE Gout facilitates a reliable diagnosis of gout by visualizing deposited uric acid crystal in peripheral extremities and automatically color-coding these crystals. syngo.CT DE Gout enable the evaluation of Dual Source Dual Energy, Dual Spiral Dual Energy and Twin Beam Dual Energy data.

Fast Positioning:

Touch panel integrated in the gantry cover. Eases patient positioning by using pre-defined patient table positions for all frequent examinations.

Fast Planning:

Immediate, organ-based setting of scan and recon ranges aiming for a safer, faster and more standardized workflow at the scanner.

Work stream 4D:

WorkStream 4D further enhances the already superb workflow of the SOMATOM Perspective CT system by offering direct generation of sagittal, coronal, oblique or double-oblique reconstructed images directly from CT raw data as part of the CT protocol.


With its unique Interleaved Volume Reconstruction (IVR), the system has been designed to detect even the smallest diagnostic details by using the information of 128 slices


With automatic, real-time X-ray dose management for all scan modes, CARE Dose4D provides the minimal X-ray dose level needed to obtain optimal image quality. The dose is determined from extensive computer analysis of the topogram image and also from the data collected on a real time basis during every scanned slice. This dual stage automatic approach ensures optimal image quality at the lowest possible X-ray dose.

Sure View:

Excellent image quality at any pitch – Image quality remains constant for all scan speeds, independent of the selected range and scan time. Dose savings of up to 20% in spiral mode